Strong Junior/Middle AQA (Java) Engineer

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Strong Junior/Middle
Upper-intermediate level of English
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About the project: Fintech project, the purpose of which is to create and maintain banking platforms. Users are bank employees, which is about 10,000. The platform is used to serve clients of the bank who would like to invest their money in one of Canada’s largest banks.

Key technologies to work with: Java, RestAssured, TestNG, Maven

  • Experience 2-3+ years as Automation QA;
  • Experience with Java and RestAssured;
  • Being familiar with Jenkins CI tool;
  • Basic experience with SQL;
  • Ability to read application logs;
  • Upper-intermediate level of English.
  • Nice to have:
    – mutation testing
    – spring boot framework (mockMvc, mokito)
    – unit testing

You will be working on both manual and automation work to support the quality of the project.
This includes:
Working on the common sprint activities:
– Covering features assigned to you with test cases, using the common test management tool
– Testing new features after they pass the development phase
– Covering those features with automated tests (mainly from the BE perspective)
Working on release activities(once every couple months):
– Releases may require additional support, which would include manual regression of the application, running regression test suites, analyzing the reports and providing feedback to the team
– Our team has couple applications developed and finished, but sometimes we do small updates/hotfixes for them. Those usually require change-related testing work, possibly full regression testing.
Working on the shape of automation test suites:
– Analyzing daily reports
– Locating possible issues in tests / application on test failures
– Fixing test failures
Following scrum procedures:
– Daily standups, refinement session, sprint planning, etc;

What we offer:
  • Annual paid vacation of 18 working days;
  • Extra vacation days for long-lasting cooperation;
  • Annual paid illness of 10 days;
  • Maternity\Paternity leave;
  • The opportunity for sabbatical leave;
  • Marriage and Parenthood Package;
  • Compensation for sports activities (up to 6000 UAH\year);
  • 50 % cost compensation for attending courses for self-development;
  • Corporate doctor;
  • Internal education(corporate library, Udemy courses);
  • Career development plan;
  • English classes;
  • Paying taxes and conducting private entrepreneurs;
  • Technical equipment: laptop, mouse, keyboard, monitor, chair;
  • Internal Referral program;
  • Opportunity to take part in company volunteering activities;
  • Technical community events.
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Sombra - це сервісна компанія-розробник програмного забезпечення, яка працює з клієнтами з США, Канади та Європи. Компанія поєднує глибоку технологічну експертизу з людськими цінностями, серед яких: проактивність, робити замовника щасливим, зміни, відкриті та чесні взаємовідносини, саморозвиток.  На сьогодні Sombra  налічує 300+ спеціалістів і продовжує зростати.  Офіси компанії розташовані у Львові, Києві та Івано-Франківську.  Sombra - це українська ІТ компанія, якам продовжує жити та підтримувати Україну та український народ. 

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