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We’re seeking a passionate Product Manager to spearhead the strategy, development, and lifecycle of groundbreaking Web3 initiatives. You’ll need to dive deep into the Web3 ecosystem and master blockchain technologies, decentralized applications (dApps), smart contracts, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The ideal candidate should have deep expertise with on-chain projects and the ability to catch a current crypto narrative and steer the project to meet wider community expectations.


1. Product Vision and Strategy:

— Craft and articulate a compelling product vision and strategy that aligns with the broader objectives of the Web3 movement and the company’s goals.

2. Ecosystem Analysis:

— Continually monitor the Web3 ecosystem to identify emerging trends, technologies, and user requirements that can inform product development and positioning.

3. Cross-Functional Leadership:

— Guide cross-functional teams, including engineering, design, marketing, and operations, to develop and deliver superior Web3 products.

4. Product Roadmap Development:

— Develop and maintain a clear product roadmap that balances innovation, user needs, and business priorities, ensuring transparency regarding timelines and deliverables.

5. User Experience Focus:

— Work in close collaboration with UX/UI designers to guarantee that the product delivers an engaging, intuitive, and smooth experience for Web3 users.

6. Go-to-Market and Adoption:

— Design and implement go-to-market strategies in collaboration with marketing and community teams to enhance product adoption and user growth.

7. Performance Metrics and Iteration:

— Establish key product metrics, monitor performance, and leverage data-driven insights to continually refine and enhance the product.

8. Stakeholder Engagement:

— Serve as the principal point of contact for all product-related issues, ensuring effective communication with internal teams and external stakeholders, including users and partners.

9. Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management:

— Keep abreast of regulatory developments and potential risks within the Web3 domain, ensuring product compliance with laws and best practices.

10. Community Building and Engagement:

— Proactively engage with the Web3 community to collect feedback, encourage collaboration, and cultivate a robust user base for the product.

11. Focus on Execution:

— Prioritize swift and effective execution of product initiatives, ensuring that projects move from concept to launch efficiently and effectively.


— Demonstrated experience in a Product Manager role or similar, with a strong preference for backgrounds in Web3, blockchain, or related fields.

— Comprehensive understanding of blockchain fundamentals, smart contracts, dApps, NFTs, and the overarching Web3 ecosystem.

— Expertise in managing the entire product lifecycle, from inception through to launch and subsequent phases.

— Outstanding communication, leadership, and project management abilities, capable of juggling multiple projects concurrently.

— Sharp analytical and problem-solving skills, with a penchant for data-driven decision-making.

Will be a plus:

— Deep understanding of blockchain development platforms (e.g., Ethereum, Solana, Polkadot) and experience with programming languages like Solidity, Rust, or BRC-20.

— Active member of the Web3 community with a strong network and keen awareness of community trends and expectations.

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