We are opening registration for free .NET mentoring from a Microsoft specialist

❓ What awaits you:

✅full mentoring in .NET lasting 2.5 – 3 months

✅homework and code review after its completion

✅accompaniment by a mentor during the entire training, help, answers to questions, etc.

✅possibility to conduct training entirely in English (optional)

✅consultation regarding employment in IT for beginners



Vladyslava Shubina is a Software Engineer at Microsoft, develops products for SD, mainly in .NET/C#. Working in the industry for more than 10 years as a Software Engineer, Tech Project Manager, Solutions Engineer.


❓ Requirements from the candidate:

– motivation and desire to learn, including mastering some information independently

– the desire to work independently in a pair with other participants

– preferably at least basic knowledge of programming (.NET/C#, university, courses, independent study, etc.)


Beginning after January 16!


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