Discussion: How to get into IT?

They held a meeting “How to get into IT?” already today on our YouTube!


🔥Anna Tikhomirova is the course manager of SNI IT Academy. Knows everything about IT training and entry into the profession.

🔥Alyona Makarenko – 4+ years in IT recruiting; during this period, she worked in outsourced/outstaff companies, and recruiting agencies. And she started her career as an intern without income)

🔥Tetyana Tsybenko is a junior IT specialist in the position of Project Manager. Previously, she worked as a senior flight attendant for 15 years at UIA Airlines.

🔥Anna Zaitseva – HR, career coach. “I believe that there are neither bad employees nor bad companies. The main thing is to find your own.”

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Anna Panchenko
Anna Panchenko
Project manager